Virtual Servers
Virtual Servers
Pooled VPS

Clients who opt for our Pooled VPS hosting services benefit from extremely generous resources. With significant disk allocation, a lot of bandwidth and a number of other options to choose from, our VPS resource pools are an excellent option for clients with bigger hosting needs. Our pooled VPS hosting services today are offered via Five strategic locations including Montreal (Canada), Chicago, Maimi , Florida and Los Angeles (United States) and Strasbourg (France).

Managed VPS

Avail cPanel Managed VPS Hosting with DDos Protection along with 24/7 support starting at just USD29 per month! Depending on the plan you take, enjoy up to 6GB dedicated RAM, 180 GB SSD Space, 5000 GB Bandwidth, x4 CPU priority and free cPanel access!


Avail KVM-based Windows or Linux VPS with 99.9% uptime, DDoS protection and 24/7 support. Starting at USD10.95, Windows based users can get up to 4 GB dedicated RAM, 150 GB Disk space, 5000 GB Bandwidth, x4 CPU priority along with 2 IP addresses. Linux based VPS services start at USD5.95 only!


OpenVZ VPS hosting is an excellent and affordable hosting platform that is an open implementation of Virtuozzo containers for Linux. Starting at only USD3.95, one can avail 512 MB dedicated RAM, 30 GB Disk space and 500 GB Bandwidth along with an IP Address and x2 CPU Priority. Clients can upgrade their plans to unto USD 18.95 for more resources.

VPS Reseller

Avail our VPS Reseller services for more affordable, fully managed access to a robust hosting platform for your website and web applications. Ideal for clients with little knowledge about hosting, our VPS reseller offerings include 24/7 support via phone or live chat, hardware maintenance and replacement, server monitoring and system level performance tracking among a host of other services.

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