Unmanaged OpenVZ VPS
HostMyBytes offers OpenVZ VPS with guaranteed 99.9% uptime, 24/7, 365 days of support and enterprise class DDoS protection.
OVZ 512
512 MB Dedicated RAM
30 GB Disk Space
500 GB Bandwidth
x2 CPU Priority
1 IP Address
$3.95per month
OVZ 1024
1 GB Dedicated RAM
50 GB Disk Space
1000 GB Bandwidth
x3 CPU Priority
1 IP Address
$6.95per month
OVZ 2048
2 GB Dedicated RAM
80 GB Disk Space
3000 GB Bandwidth
x4 CPU Priority
2 IP Address
$11.95per month
OVZ 4096
4 GB Dedicated RAM
120 GB Disk Space
5000 GB Bandwidth
x4 CPU Priority
2 IP Address
$18.95per month
Why Choose HostMyBytes
Enterprise DDoS Protection

HostMyBytes is a leader in handling all types of DDoS attacks by using the RioRey DDoS protection exclusively.

Great Location

The data centers of HostMyBytes are set up in various location and are secured with the smartest techniques for both virtual and physical safety.

Assured 99.9% Uptime

No business prefers downtime nor do we. Our infrastructure monitoring and management solutions detect threats instantly and have them resolved without affecting the client business.

High Performance Network

All of our data center are fully redundant and utilize multi homed, premium network carriers. We do not cut corners when it comes to our network.

Security Hardening

Data protection and security are top most priorities. We understand to what extent businesses can suffer in the case of security breaches and therefore deploy our unique in-house hardening script to protect all resources.

Auto Installation

If your server is automatically created when you place your order and complete all application installation and configuration while the system is activated

Frequently asked questions
In what ways can clients make their payments to HostMyBytes?

HostMyBytes accepts credit and debit cards, instant transfers through PayPal and e-checks too. For physical checks, please contact HostMyBytes prior to making the payment.

Does HostMyBytes have a test IP address?
Does HostMyBytes lock customers through contracts?
What timeframe is needed to set up the VPS?
How flexible are the plans?
What does it cost to include DDoS mitigation in the plan?
24/7 Support Team

You are never alone when you are with HostMyBytes. We help our clients by providing them sufficient tutorials and preparing the unmanaged customers for the worst-case scenarios. While we may not interfere with the VPS, we educate and guide businesses to get the best benefits out of the investment.

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