Network Looking Glass
Network Looking Glass

HostMyBytes Network Looking Glass helps assess routing and network behavior across all locations where the company offers VPS services. By using our reliable service at HostMyBytes, clients understand the performance of our network and its output. Use our Network Looking Glass service to choose the best of the following locations for your hosting needs.

  • Los Angeles
  • Nuremberg
  • Dallas
  • Canada
  • Chicago
  • New York
  • Maimi
  • France
Looking Glass Information
Looking Glass
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Looking Glass (ping, traceroute, etc)
Maimi, Florida, United States
Looking Glass (ping, traceroute, etc)
Los Angeles, United States
Looking Glass (ping, traceroute, etc)
Chicago, United States
Looking Glass (ping, traceroute, etc)
Strasbourg, France, Europe
unavailable at location
Looking Glass (ping, traceroute, etc)
Examples for testing:
Speed throughput from command line (CLI) to Montreal, Quebec, Canada:

In the URL field paste: wget -O /dev/null

Speed throughput from your browsers to Montreal, Quebec, Canada:

In the URL field paste:

How long does it take to go from your computer to our Montreal, Quebec, Canada location?

Via command line: ping (This IP can be replaced with the IPv4 address from any of our locations)

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