Hybrid Servers
Self Managed Hybrid Servers
HostMyBytes Hybrid Servers provides fully dedicated resources at affordable prices. All Hybrid Servers are instantly activated and can scale as you grow. We offer a variety of different operating systems including Linux and Windows. If you have outgrown your VPS but are not ready for a dedicated server our Hybrid Servers are a perfect solution for you. All Hybrid Servers are protected by RAID technology and hosted on enterprise hardware. All Hybrid Servers include out 99.9% uptime guarantee.



Disk Space







Intel Xeon Dual E5620

4 GB

250 GB

10 TB

2 x 2.40 GHz



per month

Intel Xeon Dual E5620

8 GB

500 GB

10 TB

4 x 2.40 GHz



per month

Intel Xeon Dual E5620

16 GB

1 TB

10 TB

8 x 2.40 GHz



per month

Why Choose HostMyBytes
Our clients love us for more than one reason,
High Performance Network

All of our data center are fully redundant and utilize multi homed, premium network carriers. We do not cut corners when it comes to our network..

Great Location

In case if you were wondering about our data center locations, you will be relieved to know that our servers are housed in our optimally secured premises.

Guarantee Uptime

We are highly proactive in monitoring incidents and attacks and thus all issues are resolved immediately without allowing the business to suffer increased downtime.

Easy Management of Tasks

Free access to cPanel & WHM allows executing server management tasks and website monitoring efficiently and smoothly.

Security Hardening

We understand the significance of optimized data protection and security in today’s vulnerable world. All our plans are inclusive of the unique in-house hardening script and out-of-the-box security measures.

Automatic Installation

If your server is automatically created when you place your order and complete all application installation and configuration while the system is activated.

24/7 Support Team

One of our strongest assets is our team of highly experienced support staff who ensure prompt and appropriate resolution of all issues. While they may not enter the server, they make themselves available for guidance at any point in time.

Additionally, all clients working with HostMyBytes get to access relevant tutorials thus allowing them to gain a complete control over the infrastructure.

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