DDoS Protection
DDoS Protection
DDoS Protection

Distributed Denial of Service (DoS) attacks has grown into a common security challenge in all types of organization and has been the reason behind several cases of revenue loss and defamed brands. However, mitigation of complex and frequent DDoS attacks cannot be accomplished through traditional on-premise solutions.

The Staminus DDoS protection offered by HostMyBytes guards the business 24/7 and keeps the website online always. This robust solution offers protection against all types of attack vectors including custom application-layer attacks.

Website under attack? We'll get you online again.
Quick Facts
20 GBPS Absorption
5 MIN Detection
24x7 ADMIN Availability
Frequently asked questions
How much does HostMyBytes charge for adding DDoS protection to my service package?

HostMyBytes offers free DDoS mitigation service with all IP addresses that come along with the newly ordered services.

Can you guarantee the 5 minute detection feature of your DDoS solution?
Does the DDoS protection service from HostMyBytes cover game servers?
What intensity and type of attacks can the DDoS solution from HostMyBytes withstand?
How does HostMyBytes manage to offer such affordable DDoS mitigation service?