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Should You Register Alternative TLDs?

Very often domain registrars will provide the up-sell option of alternative TLD’s for a domain. It can be unclear whether one should register alternative TLDs. Are they actually a smart investment, or just an up-sell? Today, we are going to investigate, considering search engine optimization, consumer confusion and branding, and the prices for each TLD.

Search Engine Optimization

In terms of SEO, .com generally rules above all other domain names TLD’s. Google has openly admitted that owning the .net, and .org does not affect SEO for the .com. This, however, assumes that there are no links back to the .com from the .net and .org domains.

Brand Confusion

Registering a .com, .net, or .org can be useful to stop others from registering the domain, especially if you have a popular brand. If you have trademarked your brand, trademarks will win out over domain registrations. In other words, if someone has registered your trademark as a domain, you can sue for the domain name. Of course, this is a legal headache that no one would want anyway.

Prices to Register Alternative TLDs

Many domain registrars will bundle other TLD’s as a special promotion during checkout, so you won’t have to pay the normal retail rate. For $25, we got the .net, .org, and .info for HostMyBytes, which were all registered at GoDaddy.

In conclusion, registering alternative TLD’s may save you from a future headache, but it isn’t always necessary. Alternative TLD’s are great, but they’re just that–alternative–so use and purchase remembering such.