Acceptable Use
Acceptable Use Policy
In conjunction with the Terms of Service, the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) sets out basic rules for what can and cannot be hosted within the HostMyBytes network.
Resource Abuse

HostMyBytes defines resource abuse as any type of usage that negatively and significantly affects clients on other containers, virtual machines, or within the network. Denial of Service attacks are considered resource abuse. Services suspended for resource abuse will be reinstated with no additional fee the first time resource abuse has occurred on the client account. Second-time abuse will be reinstated pending a $5 re-activation fee, and third-time abuse will be reinstated pending a $15 re-activation fee. Abuse after three occasions will be asked to upgrade to a dedicated server or find a new web host..

  • Spam & Mass Mailing
  • HostMyBytes has zero-tolerance for spam and unsolicited mailing. Mass mailing is allowed, but customers must receive permission (by our support department) prior to sending mass mailing. Services suspended for spam will be reinstated pending a $5 re-activation fee. Second-time spam incidents will be reinstated pending a $15 re-activation fee, and third time spam incidents will be asked to find a new web host. HostMyBytes will send a final warning after 2 incidents.

  • Prohibited Services
  • Currency mining software/nodes, or any other Crypto/Algorithm based applications, torrenting software, and TOR exit nodes are prohibited. Hack tools, including but not limited to host enumeration, vulnerability scanning, and hack tools are prohibited. Phishing sites are prohibited.

    We allow all content that is legal in the United States of America. DMCAs are enforced, and any customer who receives a DMCA notice will have 24 hours to respond to the notice. If, after 24 hours, no reply is made or the offending content is still within the HostMyBytes network, the service will be suspended until HostMyBytes is contacted. After the DMCA is resolved, a $15 re-activation fee will be posted to the account for first-time offenders. Second-time offenders will have a $25 re-activation fee, and third-time offenders will be terminated.
    Thanks for reading the terms of service.